Succession & Strategy Plannning

Landsker has been working with a small manufacturing business employing 10 staff over the last few months with a turnover of about £600k.

  • Brief

    Although profitable, the owners, who are looking to retire in about ten years, were struggling to motivate themselves and felt they were working harder and harder. They asked if we could help. Following a detailed meeting with Jeremy it became clear that they had no clear business strategy and had lost sight of where they were going, furthermore they had become distracted into other areas which had not gone as well as expected.

  • The Solution

    To help, we worked with them and several senior employees (their long term succession plan) to formulate a clear and succinct plan of action indicating where they should best concentrate their efforts. Implicit in this was reducing the business’ dependence on the owners so that they could concentrate on other areas where their expertise was most needed (which was in business development).


As a result of Landsker’s intervention the business is focussing on more profitable business areas and has communicated its “new plan” to its employees to get them engaged. This has already resulted in increased turnover and better productivity. Our intervention has not only helped to re-inspire and re-motivate them it has also started their journey towards end retirement when they hand over the reins to their employees (who will ultimately buy them out).

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