Heritage Lottery Fund Applications

        • Brief

          Landsker is working with three different clients each making a funding bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Each project was aiming to save and restore heritage sites that are in danger of being lost due to continuing deterioration through lack of management and investment. The combined total cost of the three projects is over £10 million and Landsker were tasked with helping to develop documentation to make the case for funding and show that these projects would help deliver improved heritage in a financially sustainable manner.

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        The Solution

        Landsker has delivered a range of services aimed at proving the viability of the projects and developing documentation to make a number of funding bids, although work was primarily targeted at securing Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Community Asset Transfer (Big Lottery CAT2) grants.  Landsker support included:

        • Community Consultation activities – completed for two of the three projects with one of the projects receiving over 1,000 respondents.  This activity included interviews with key stakeholders and running a number of questionnaires targeted at both suppliers and the general public.  These questionnaires were conducted on site, through town centre surveys, distribution through groups (such as schools and affinity groups) and available online.
        • Action/Activity Plan – developed for one of these clients that clearly set out the actions required to bring the project to fruition in the development stage and the actions and activities required upon completion and into the delivery stage.
        • Business Plan – development of the business case for each of the projects targeted at the different funders and as such focusing on heritage, people, community and financial sustainability
        • Financial Plan – development of a fully costed financial plan through the development stage and five year projections upon completion and into the deliver/trading period.

        Landsker Provided

        • Community consultation helped to refine the thinking for the projects and ensure that there is synergy between what is being planned and what the potential users actually want!
        • A well developed business case in both heritage and financial terms that is based on primary and secondary research together with Landsker’s experience of delivering similar projects.
        • Documentation in terms of reports delivered in a professional manner and suitable for submission to the different funding sources.
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