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A successful sports organisation had lost most of their playing pitches due to  the council selling off the pitches for a housing development. Other undeveloped land was available to be leased to create multiple pitches on which various sports could be played. The client required a detailed development strategy and business plan to convince the landowner that what they proposed could be created and was financially viable in the longer term.

The Solution

Upon assessment of the brief it became apparent to Landsker that a much bigger project was possible which involved asset transfer of a large brownfield site owned by the local authority to the social enterprise. Following community consultation activities which Landsker oversaw, to determine that there was demand and support for the new sports fields a number of other organisations came forward wishing to be involved in the project. This included other sports organisations, the local allotment association and several groups who wanted to create a lake on the site. As a result of wider interest a new community organisation was formed which resulted in a multi million pound application for several “pots” of grant funds. A key part of this was the local council being prepared to asset transfer the whole site to this new community group as it provided much needed and new amenities in this populous, but disadvantaged area.

To date, initial funding has been secured and the project is progressing according to its planned timescale

Landsker Provided

  • An initial feasibility study which indicated that the project was “viable” and achievable
  • A vision and strategy for the community group (made of different organisations)
  • A business plan with five year financial projections
  • Identification of an optimum funding package (where multiple grant bids were made)
  • A community consultation activity (with over 700 participants with 97% support for the project)
  • A “brokering” service to “knit” the various community organisations together to ensure trust and mutual benefit
  • Detailed engagement with key bodies like the local authority, the planning and highways department and grant organisations.
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