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Time banking workshops in Carmarthen

 ‘Time is money’ as the old saying goes…and in Carmarthen, this is now the case. Trwco have developed a skills exchange programme using the concept of ‘time banking’.

What is time banking? In a nutshell, it is a means of exchange that enables individuals and organisations to trade skills, services and resources using time as a form of payment. Every hour of your time you give to another Trwco member, you receive one Time Credit. You can spend your Time Credits on resources such as meeting space, training workshops and general business support.

Who is Trwco?

Trwco is an organisation to organisation time banking initiative operating currently throughout Carmarthenshire. Trwco acts as a hub to facilitate the exchange of skills, resources and services between organisations from the third, public and private sectors operating within the county. They are looking to develop members further afield to help Trwco expand. Check their website out for more information:

New Trwco members receive 4 FREE time credits

We do not currently have any Trwco Workshops scheduled