• Will having a clear strategy make my business more profitable?

  • Our vision for the business is clear, how can we make sure we get there?

  • I’m thinking about diversifying my business, how shall I go about it?

  • How can I prepare my business for expansion?

  • What exactly is in a business strategy?

  • Not every organisation has a formal business strategy in place.  Some take the opportunist approach, reacting as the marketplace evolves, adjusting their offer on a day to day basis and making spontaneous decisions to stay ahead of the game.  Others think more logically, planning ahead for the long term, setting objectives and defining actions to achieve goals.  Neither approach can be described as being better than the other, it often is horses for courses, the key difference is that having a business strategy enables organisations to achieve their goals in a clearer and more structured way.

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Plan for a reason

A strategy is best described as a method or plan of action that details how a goal is going to be met.  A parent’s strategy to get their child to school on time is to leave 10 minutes earlier and take the back roads through town.  A charity marathon runner’s strategy is to gain exposure through local newspapers and his personal Facebook account, to raise a certain amount of money for his chosen cause.

If you’re going to invest time and energy into writing a strategy for your organisation, ensure your objective is clear.  Reasons to write strategy include:

  • Envisioning – establishing your end goal and defining the actions to get there
  • Business Launch – predicting and projecting how you will achieve growth within a certain period
  • Business Expansion – planning to logically extend/expand what you do already
  • Diversification – preparing to move into a new area of business and detailing how to manage and deliver it

Helping you make the right business decision

As many strategists may prefer you to believe, writing strategy is not rocket science.  Landsker assists organisations who are perhaps, too close to their subject to help take an objective view.  We use our knowledge and experience in this field to help you understand your threats and to see opportunities.  We tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.  The overall aim of any strategy is to help you make the right business decision.

To discuss how strategy can improve how you do business, call to speak to one of our consultants on 01994 240631.