Training & Development

  • How can I get the most out of my employees?

  • One of my staff members shows great potential, how can I help them?

  • I have identified what training we need, how do I put a development programme into place?

  • How can I access funding support for staff training?

  • Where do I go for job specific training courses?

  • As an employer with an impressive list of responsibilities, you will understand how important it is to develop your staff.  Looking after your workforce is key to your success. In addition to actually caring about how much your employees enjoy their role, you should be aware that regular skills development and training is vital to boost an individual’s performance, which in turn, increases overall organisational performance.

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Up to £10,000 towards training your employees

The Welsh Government will subsidise 50% of the training on the agreed skills development plan for eligible courses.  Organisations can secure up to £10,000 towards leadership and management development training and up to £5,000 for general training.

Up to £2,000 towards training for 9 employees or less

If you are running a small organisation with nine or fewer employees or feel you do not require the support of a Workforce Development Advisor, you can also receive 50% towards accredited training programmes by applying direct.

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