Succession Planning

  • Our CEO is due to retire in 12 months, how can I prepare for their replacement?

  • A key member of staff is soon to leave the company, how do I manage employee concerns?

  • I consider one of my staff members ‘irreplaceable’, should I have a backup plan?

  • Is there a logical way to progress my existing staff members into management?

  • Can you help me write a job description for senior management?

  • Effective leaders form the backbone of a successful organisation and it is often the case that business operations run so smoothly under the guidance of these key people, that a backup plan to replace them effectively in the event of them leaving either doesn’t exist or has been poorly prepared.

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The art of preparing for such a scenario in advance is referred to as ‘succession planning’ and for most organisations, it is not a question of if, but when this kind of scenario will arise.  Succession planning can be approached in the following ways depending on the situation:

  1. Emergency succession planning – in the event a leader suddenly departs (either permanently or for an extended period of time)
  2. Departure-defined succession planning – for a future planned retirement or permanent departure of a leader
  3. Strategic leader development – to promote ongoing leadership development for talent within an organisation