• Do I need to recruit a new staff member or just need to reallocate responsibilities or roles internally?

  • I need a new member of staff, where are the best places to advertise?

  • How do I write an effective job description?

  • Can you help me review and filter job applications?

  • How do I remain compliant whilst recruiting?

  • The good news is, if you have identified that you need to recruit additional staff, then your organisation is moving in the right direction.  You may need an extra person to manage an increased workload, need to replace a valued employee or perhaps want to introduce a new skill to your business portfolio.  Whether you need to fulfil a one-off role or undergo high volume recruitment, finding and selecting the right people is vital to the future development of your organisation.

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Assess what and who you need

Planning ahead is essential and before rushing into the recruitment process, employers should take the following into consideration:

  • Is there a real need to recruit someone (can internal adjustments cover the skills/labour gap)?
  • What are the key skills and characteristics of the person you are looking for?
  • What are the role logistics (hours/days of work, location, work space etc.)?
  • What is the estimated return on investment of a new member of staff (will they help your business profit)?

Being clear about your exact requirements gives you the confidence to progress to the next stage, putting you in the driving seat when it comes to the selection process.

Good recruitment processes attract good candidates

Many organisations make the mistake of assuming that the details involved with recruiting will take care of themselves, resulting in costly mistakes that can restrict progress and are difficult to correct.  Taking on a new employee isn’t just about advertising a role, holding interviews and making a job offer.  Organisations that do it professionally seek specialist advice on advertising strategy, recruitment literature, application forms and selection procedures.

Landsker’s experience and expertise in this field helps to lighten the load and give you the confidence to do things properly.

From job descriptions to reference checks

By engaging Landsker to support you through the recruitment process, we will; manage the complete recruitment cycle for you, ensure you are recruiting legally and help you source the right candidate.  In our eyes, every situation is unique and a solution tailored to our client’s needs is what works best.

Our services include:

  • Writing job descriptions and person specifications
  • Guidance on remuneration and benefits
  • Designing and placing adverts through a range of media
  • Sending out and sifting application forms
  • Planning and hosting interviews
  • Negotiating terms of appointment
  • Carrying out reference checks

To find out more about Landsker’s tailored recruitment support, give us a call on 01994 240631

*Landsker is not a recruitment agency and therefore does not maintain a bank of prospective candidates.