Profit+ as the new brand for social enterprises and the third sector?


Landsker undertakes much work within the third sector assisting many diverse organisations who may be charities or are constituted in a myriad of ways. Common to all, is that any profits or surpluses generated should be reinvested into the organisation to help further its aims.

Many use the term ‘social enterprise’ or ‘not for profit’ to describe what they do. Most work to delivering triple bottom line objectives of making profit, benefiting people and helping the planet.  There is massive potential for the growth of the third sector, largely because what has gone before in the private and public sector has been proven to be flawed, open to abuse and not fit for purpose for modern times.

However, there is still massive misunderstanding and confusion about what a social enterprise or third sector organisation is. My view is that they are businesses first and foremost that exist to generate profits which enable them to do more ‘good work’. However, the terms social enterprise and not for profit, I believe, are really misleading and denigrate what they do, how they are perceived and how they could be better supported by banks, Government and the public sector.

I have thought long and hard about this as I genuinely believe that these third sector organisations can play a more important part in our lives and the local, national and global economy. Once people truly understand what they are about and recognise both their commercial and altruistic intentions then I think they will be supported better.

I have come up with my own term for these organisations to try and better explain their ‘bipolar’, but not mutually exclusive, aims of making money and helping society at the same time – I call them Profitplus or (Profit+).  I would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this.

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