NEW GRANT! Rural Community Development Fund (RCDF)

The Rural Community Development Fund (RCDF) is a new grant release by Welsh Government under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.  This funding is aimed as tackling 3 main objectives as follows:

  1. Promote social inclusion, poverty reduction, and economic development in rural areas.
  2. Help those most deprived in rural Wales and those that have limited scope to change their circumstances.
  3. Develop the resilience and capability of rural communities so that they are better able to cope with and adapt to change.

RCDF covers activity relating to Measure 7 within the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.  Measure 7 has a number of sub-measures for which RCDF funding can be used to support as follows:

7.1 – support for drawing up development plans and protection and management plans

7.2 – support for investments in the creation, improvement or expansion of all types of small scale infrastructure, including investments in renewable energy and energy saving

7.3 – support for broadband infrastructure, including its creation, improvement and expansion, passive broadband infrastructure and provision of access to broadband and public e-government

7.4 – support for investments in the setting-up, improvement or expansion of local basic services for the rural population including leisure and culture, and the related infrastructure

7.5 – support for investments for public use in recreational infrastructure, tourist information and small scale tourism infrastructure

7.6 – support for studies and investments for maintenance, restoration and upgrading of cultural and natural heritage

7.7 – support for investments targeting the relocation of activities and conversion of buildings or other facilities located inside or close to rural settlements, with a view to improving the quality of life or increasing the environmental performance of the settlement

There is a two stage application process with companies first having to submit and Expression of Interest (EOI) and then a more detailed full application if invited after this EOI stage. Community groups must liaise with their LEADER Local Action Group (LAG) before submitting an EOI.

EOI Window opens 27-Jul-15
EOI Window closes 30-Sep-15
Full applications invited from: 30-Nov-15
Deadline for submission of full applications 31-May-16

There are some geographic limitations but those within rural areas should be eligible.  There are also differing intervention rates (percentage of the total project that can be awarded in grant) as shown below:

RDP Sub Measure Maximum Grant % Minimum Grant Amount
7.1 50% £400
7.2 80% £2,400
7.3 80% £2,400
7.4 80% £2,400
7.5 80% £2,400
7.6 50% £400
7.7 80% £2,400

For small-scale infrastructure investments the maximum grant per project is £128,000 towards a total project cost of £160,000.

Please note that the information above is a summary of the detailed eligibility criteria and scheme guidance notes.  These documents should be read in full before making any application or committing to costs associated with a project.

For full information please contact the Welsh Government directly or speak with us here at Landsker on 01994 240 631.

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