The importance of internal communications


You can never talk enough internally about what you are doing and plan to do in your business. Landsker’s experience is that many business owners make huge assumptions about what the managers and employees understand their business ‘is about’ and where it is going.  Seldom is ‘everyone singing off the same hymn sheet’.

Often they are singing the same song but some are out of tune.  Landsker believes that a common denominator of most highly successful SMEs, is their ability to communicate effectively internally, so that all have a common view and are working towards clear, mutually beneficial goals.

It is Landsker’s simple view that an employee can not work effectively or cohesively within a business unless they have a clearer picture of their business’ purpose, strategy, aims and where they fit into to delivering that.

If an employee is not informed of such things, how can they fully contribute? Once informed and hopefully more involved, they then cannot ‘unknow’ these things and are likely to behave more responsibly. If knowing more does not encourage them to contribute more, then the business needs to reflect why this is.


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