GRANT RE-OPENING! Food Business Investment Scheme (FBIS)

Exciting news! The Rural Development Programme funds have re-opened, accepting expressions of interest until 23rd May.

This round of applications invites businesses to bid for a share of a £25m funding pot. From those of our clients not progressed in round one, ALL have been invited to register their interest the second round. The three available funds are –

  • Food Business Investment Scheme – for those organisations creating jobs and making a difference throughout the food value chain.
  • Sustainable Production Grant – for primary producers looking to improve and grow their business.
  • Rural Communities Development Fund – for organisations tackling poverty and promoting economic development in rural Wales.

The eligibility criteria are complex but in essence if you are taking agricultural products* and processing them into other agricultural products** and you are developing your business then certain costs*** of this development may be eligible for grant support under FBIS.

*Examples of Agricultural products include red meat; pig meat; milk and milk products; eggs; poultry; cereals; oil producing crops; fruit and vegetables (including potatoes); hops; honey; non-food crops including horticultural flowers and plants; seeds; and some novel agricultural products

** Other Agricultural Products include cheese, flour, yoghurt; other food products such as a ready meal; animal feed products; pet food products; other functional food products; nutraceutical products; and non-food use products such as bio-plastics.

*** Examples of Costs that may be supported include (a) the construction, acquisition, or improvement of property (b) the purchase of machinery and equipment (c) general costs linked to expenditure referred to in points (a) and (b), such as architect, engineer and consultation fees, (d) acquisition or development of computer software and acquisitions of patents, licenses, copyrights, trademarks.

There is a two stage application process with companies first having to submit and Expression of Interest (EOI) and then a more detailed full application if invited after this EOI stage. There will be a number of rounds of funding over the coming years with details of what is available and the timescales for this first round listed below:

EOI Window opens 29-Feb-16
EOI Window closes 23-May-16
Full applications invited from: 23-Jun-16

Please note that the information above is a summary of the detailed eligibility criteria and scheme guidance notes.  These documents should be read in full before making any application or committing to costs associated with a project.

For full information please contact the Welsh Government directly or speak with us here at Landsker on 01994 240 631.

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