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A deal for Wales to receive £2bn in European aid between 2015 and 2020 was formally agreed in 2014.  It is the third time in a row that Wales has qualified for what is called ‘structural funding’ and is likely to be the last time the country receives this intervention from the EU.  This latest amount is to be used by the Welsh government for long-term sustainable economic growth and jobs, and as such, is likely to be released in various guises, such as business grants, support for staffing and training, subsidised business loans etc.

Landsker has, over the last 10 years, helped clients to access in excess of £50 million in subsidised funding (see list at the end of this post) and as such, are well placed to support clients to identify the optimal funding options and support them in the application process to access these funds.

Your funding translator

We like to think of ourselves as ‘translators’ within a complicated funding market place and we spend a good deal of time ensuring that we identify new grants and programmes as they are released.  We research the market place so that our clients don’t need to.

Identifying funds relevant to your needs

Landsker do not charge for initial discussions where we can help to identify and understand your future needs.  The more we know about your plans for future development from the outset, the better the chance that we will be able to make the link between your future needs and the relevant funding as it is released.

As well as funding support for your business, Landsker also ensures that we understand the business support programmes that are available.  Landsker are accredited on many of these programmes and are able to offer our support to you free of charge, or at heavily subsidised rates.

To help illustrate our experience and expertise, we have listed some of the funding sources from which we have supported clients to access funding over the last 10 years:

 General Grants

·         Local Investment Fund (LIF)

·         Single Investment Fund (SIF)

·         Tourism Investment Support Scheme (TISS)

·         Assembly Investment Fund (AIG)

·         Regional Selective Assistance Grant (RSA)

·         Environmental Goods and Services (EGS)

·         Welsh Economic Growth Fund (WEGF)

·         Sustainable Development Fund (SDF)

·         Rural Conversion Grant

·         Supply Chain Efficiency (SCE)

·         Knowledge Exploitation Fund (Scholarship) (KEF)

·         Intellectual Property Grants (e.g. Patenting)

·         Digital Tourism Business Framework Grant

·         Advanced Materials and Manufacturing SME Growth Fund

·         Supporting Farmers to Diversify Grant

·         Young Entrants Support Scheme (YESS)

·         Process Marketing Grant (PMG)

·         European Fisheries Fund (EFF)

·         Coalfields Regeneration Fund

·         Sport Wales

·         Football Association Wales (FAW)

·         Enterprise Zone Rate Relief Scheme

 Charitable/Social Enterprise Funding

·         Arts Council of Wales Funding

·         Big Lottery Funding

·         Community Facilities Activities Programme (CFAP)

·         Coastal Communities Fund

·         Heritage Lottery Fund

·         People and Places

·         Church In Wales

·         Paul Getty

·         Lankelly Chase

 Other sources of Finance

·         Bank Loans

·         Invoice Financing/factoring

·         Repayable Business Finance (Interest Free)

·         Finance Wales

·         Pembrokeshire Lottery (Interest Free)

·         Carmarthenshire Lottery (Interest Free)

·         Small Business Loan Guarantee Scheme

·         Enterprise Finance Guarantee Loan

·         Community Share Schemes

·         Angle Finance

·         Import Loans

·         Stocking Loans

·         Overdrafts

·         Lombard

 Staff Funding/Training Funding

·         Jobs Growth Wales

·         Go Wales

·         Training Grants

·         REACT

·         PROACT

·         Workforce Development Programme

·         Skills for Industry

·         Future Works

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