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  • Geraint Hughes


    Associate Consultant

    Geraint has worked with Welsh agri-food businesses to make things happen for over 10 years. Before embarking on his own, he spent 6 years working at Bangor University, initially as an agronomist and later responsible for linking research and industry. His passion is spending time with people to explore different ways of thinking and to realise new ideas.

    His business interest in food marketing and distribution allows him to stay in touch and understand key market demands and trends in food, rural tourism and agricultural commodities. Geraint is recognised for his knowledge of agri-food innovations, including implementing specific strategies in business to embrace and benefit from latest developments. He has a thorough understanding of supply chain management matters and is aware of the needs of various partners along the chain, from independent retailers to national supermarkets.
    As a qualified facilitator and coach, Geraint has worked with businesses across Wales and has recently been recognised for his key skills in branding and content marketing.

    Geraint has been fortunate to travel extensively, including undertaking a Nuffield Scholarship in 2006 that allowed him to research into functional foods, which is a sector he continues to deliver work in.