Landsker Promise

In serving our clients we will commit to:

    • Speak plainly and not use technical terminology with those unfamiliar with it
    • Work towards mutually agreed project time scales
    • Price our services plainly and fairly
    • Provide clear points of contact for clients at Landsker
    • Work wholeheartedly with those with an interest in what we have been asked to do
    • Be courteous to client personnel at all times
    • Listen to and work with client personnel who are likely to know their business better than us
    • Apply clear, proven and logical approaches which the client understands and supports
    • Communicate often and effectively using media suited to the client’s needs
    • Transfer our consultancy skills to client personnel whenever appropriate
    • Create an enjoyable experience for all client personnel working with us
    • Add value at every opportunity or withdraw our services if we, or our clients, believe we are not adding value
    • Review, at least annually, what we stand for, and how we can realistically and consistently improve our services to clients